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> A – A beamline for schools 2016 CERN

A – A beamline for schools 2016 CERN



For all of us, winning this competition and having the opportunity to work at CERN as real researchers, means fulfilling our biggest dream this year. Therefore we will try to astonish you with this experiment about Cherenkov light because it clearly shows the philosophy of our school. In our opinion basic research plays a fundamental role in the progress of humanity: new applications, advanced instruments and innovative materials have come from the most diverse scientific works.

Could the Cherenkov light play a fundamental role in advanced medical diagnosis?

The beginning of our video shows both historical and scientific failures and the most dangerous applications of science. In contrast to this, we want to transmit a totally positive point of view: a deeper knowledge of natural phenomena may give us infinite possibilities to improve our life conditions.

We worked hard and we learnt a lot: we took in to discover objective measurable parameters in the darkness of our photographs, we studied the radioactive decay and we familiarized with statistical analysis to evaluate our measurements.

If our experiment is a winning choice, it will perfectly show our thinking about science: that physics, chemistry, biology are not made only of numbers and notions but they are a product of the human ability to explore and thinking.


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